Једно хришћанско гледиште на актуелне биоетичке проблеме

Данило Николић

Богословље: 1-2 (2007) 51-59
Цео текст (.PDF) УДК 27-42; 179


Аbstract. Проблематика pro et contra живота и смрти заокупља човечанство од исконa. Убрзани развој науке и технике у другој половини ХХ и на почетку ХХI века резултира великим открићима на пољу молекуларне биологије, уз утемељење нове научне области: молекуларне генетике. Поред још већег степена међузависности науке и друштва, ова достигнућа собом доносе и нове проблеме. Као место сусрета биологије, медицине и права - биоетика покушава да усклађујући сучељене ставове понуди адекватне одговоре. Намера овог рада је сагледавање истих у светлости хришћанске теологије.

Summary. Christian sources reveal their firm and perpetual link with medicine which remains to last even in the “New Jerusalem”. In the age of “global integrations” the stunning clarity of dissention on all levels is also visible on the ethics plane. The term “bioethics” is being introduced and its goal is to portray the state of interdependence between science and the society. From being a field of knowledge, bioethics is also becoming and institution of the contemporary society, which is being shaped in the form of bioethical committees as social organizations which gather experts of various professional backgrounds for the purpose of dealing with some newly existent theoretical and practical problems brought about by the development of biomedical technologies. The link between science and ethics has reached the level dealing with life conditions where the very survival of the contemporary civilization is at stake. Christian bioethics, still pretty much undefined in its totality, internally confronted on the level of personal and denominational, confronted with growing burning questions against which it used to defend itself through escapism, and then through silence, “prohibitions” and “advices”, has finally initiated an extensive and a straightforward dialogue with science. The entire bioethical issue is conditioned by the attitude for and against in relation to life and death. The sense of the uniqueness life; of the importance of man’s position and his role in relation to the entire world, which is permanently actualized by contemporary science; man’s dignity and the very existence of life as an “opportunity above all opportunities”, brings us closer to the notion of the “sanctity of life”. A novel and a different understanding and acceptance of the phenomenon of illness as being “an icon of life in death”, or such time which allows a Christian person to come to meet initially his own self and then the face of God in anticipation of the mystery of death, would usher in an entirely new approach regarding the actual issue of bioethics.