The apparent discrepancies between the Books of Joshua and Judges and what is the function of these two Books in the overall biblical story extending from Joshua to II Kings?

Zoran Bobic

УДК: 27-277

Богословље 1 (2016) 167–175

Summary: The book of Joshua primarily recounts the entry of the Israelites into the land of Canaan, how they conquered the land, and how the land was later divided all under the leadership of Joshua himself; the book of Judges recounts the conquest of the land of Canaan under the leadership of 12 judges who were the decision makers for the people of Israel at the time of the conquest and their lives after that. Furthermore, the book of Judges tells us about life in Israel before there was a king. The people turned away from God many times. God punished the people many times. The people cried out to God many times. Things kept getting worse. The people kept forgetting God. They were not telling the stories of what God had done for them. They treated each other badly. Everyone thought they knew the best things to do. Everyone did whatever they wanted to do. They did not have a king. God wanted to be their king. The people did not listen to God. We can learn a lot from these stories; we can learn what can happen when we do things our way. We can mainly learn why we need to always listen to God.